Globe is your market

Not only Apple, Dell, Samsung sells globally many small timers also. Some of  our clients global market share is much higher than local trade share. No advertisement cost, no taxes and no staff still reap more revenue than domestic share and it grows faster

than domestic market.

It is easy as you never imagined after getting an order just stuff into the container or send to shipping agent.

Rest we take care.


After 2009 we stopped publishing our phone no here and discourage clients to reach us by phone since many queries can't be answered by phone and needs lot of research and group discussion among other merchandiser to reach a suitable


Please mail us all details in any major languages

if we couldn't find the merchandiser with the language skills we may use translation services.

importer vs exporter


You are an importer or want to be import into your country from other sources than your current sourcing country for better price and better product. Still you are not importing for your manufacturing activities but to cut cost or enhance the raw material quality than your country domestic market, you are in best place.


You are manufacturing excellent product and very successful in your domestic market and want to sell same in overseas but do not have sources nor knowledge to do it. We are here to help your products to sell in other countries for the fraction of cost.

result assured

Rest Vs Us assure you will get fully satisfied and become prosperous within short period of time provided you have good quality product. Please stop wasting our time and your precious money if you don't have good product.

How do we process?

Once you send an email with detailed description of your products need or sell our Global Product team envisage to see the viability. After careful considerations we accept to sell or buy globally.

You have to provide full info first instance itself to help us evaluate correctly.

Once we agreed you have to make payment within 48 hours.

We don't communicate further many fake clients keep on sending queries to waste our merchandiser precious time. We respond within 24 hours from US EST time.

Please be aware we get huge number of mails daily and it needs much human work involved than clerical work.  If our highly experienced and highly paid team did not handle the same products before.

So we can't communicate endlessly after we agreed and until you pay.

Result assured once we agree and accept your products. many times we don't encourage certain products based on many factor and our long years of Global trade expertise.


We never ever divulge any of clients details nor their market details to anyone whatsoever the reason may be. We use only our expertise not our experience here. So we maintain 100% privacy and all correspondence will not be leaked out or our merchandiser will have access to printers or memory cards in our office.

We always keep secrecy about the dealings. We never divulge nor use any of our clients name to market or use their testimony for our own sake. We maintain this as a clear transparency to avoid any favoritism or influence any one's decision
Feel free to contact us with confidence. Privacy is vital in any business so tight secrecy will be maintained and none of the details will be shared with other associates. We are in international business for more than four decades


You are an entrepreneur and want to sell or buy from other than your country but do not have any idea about international business nor availability or where and how to sell your product. May be you export or import from few countries but still want to try better place to sell or we are !!!

Our service charges are less than your mobile phone Annual tariff...around $1000 plus

4% commission on products you import or export value.

Reach us

No harm in trying to sell or buy from other countries when life time opportunity knocks your door. The cost involved is just a $1000 for a year subscription charges. We source or try to sell your products to minimum 137 countries or the countries you specified.

Not only we help you to sell or buy we guide you in all process from the country customs shipping agency help, local country required licenses and permits, cultural preferences, market study, local country marketing strength, their country major competitors, political situation, solve trade disputes, trade mark registration, land of law regulations and any other problems may arise in future.

We have local merchandiser in more than 46 countries worldwide and to render any services to our customers.

Your task is to manufacture best products and rest we take care. But if your product doesn't meet the quality norms we will never promote. Our buyers trust us for long to buy from our members based on our strict quality policy.

Only quality sells no gimmicks

Before we accept any product to be marketed we need all lab test and specifications and our testing panel scrutinize fully to accept it. We developed based on all our clients trust and support poised on us.

Same applied to our sourcing products also. The specific country merchandiser analyze fully before accepts. When we don't have local agent in specific country we ask our liaison agents to help us if we couldn't do it from local.

We Promote or Procure only the BEST, REST kindly excuse.