Want to go global?

Who can benefit?


If you are a manufacturer of world class product selling in your country successfully and want to expand to other countries you are in correct place.

Importer / Exporter

You import or export to your country but still look for better product and cost than your current.


You have experience  selling products in your country and has high potential market for the product but want to increase the product quality and here you are.

As easy as you ever imagine

If you have correct determination and willing to allot very few hours a month of time and meet quality norms of major developed country. Initially you may need to spend extra buck to spend on courier services to send samples to only potential buyers who are in need of same product in their country directly but cost could be higher than your country. Again we emphasize here if the quality is superior then you contact us or happy browsing. If you want to succeed in Global business please adhere to strict quality norms. Many occasion we faced inferior products reached buyers, it wastes your precious money as well the buyer lost confidence in ourselves too. We assure our associates always best services by source best products around globe than local market and affordable cost. This principle made us successful and all our loyal customers stick to us permanently.

How it works over a decade.

Once you send your product details along with production capacity, local market success  and certification we initially look from our list of buyers  and forward the info to them. Once they find your products meet their requirement and other monetary terms we inform you to send samples to the respective buyers directly to clinch the deal. All the terms should be between you and the buyer we act as a mere conduit medium to connect both of you until any issue arises. We advise you about the country and the trade certification for the smooth sales. From the inception we have implemented many ideas into this concept to make it 100% successful to both buyers and sellers. It should be win-win situation for both Rest Vs Us Inc and never favor anyone in particular.

Rest Vs US Inc spend time and money planning, researching market opportunities and building relationships. As a manufacturer you may also need to invest in modifying your product,packing language,licensing requirements of intending country and service to suit overseas customers.

You need to comply with regulations in overseas. For example, some goods that are allowed in the Italy might not satisfy another country's standards.

Exporting presents all the normal challenges of marketing in one country - it's up to Rest Vs US Inc. find customers and convince them to buy from you. Understanding the market and its requirements is very important. Don’t assume that because you know the domestic market, you automatically know foreign ones.

Entering into the export market through an existing business may seem like an obvious way to increase your current revenue. In many cases, it is a viable means of expanding a business, and generating greater income. However, it is important to consider all the aspects and practicalities before jumping into the unknown.

Exporting can extend your market, boost your turnover and prevent you having too great a dependence on your own country based customers. But it isn't always an easy option. Starting to export poses a whole new set of challenges, from identifying promising markets and customers to ensuring that you can fulfill your export contracts. Developing new export markets takes time and money.

Exporting isn't simply an add-on to your existing business. It should be part of an overall strategy to develop the business. Before you start exporting, it''s worth making sure you've developed a complete export plan looking at all the costs and risks involved. A well planned extension overseas can bring financial and reputational success, but a rushed job may just cause more damage than it is worth from our four decade experience of International trade.

Global Marketing

We register trade mark around Globe. Now the world has shrunk so it is necessary to register your brand globally. Many major local brands find hard to market their product globally since the same brand registered in specific country where you want to market. Our Trade Mark attorneys are country specific to make the process faster and successful. The Apple lost iPhone name to China, Mexico and Brazil finally Apple paid $60 Million to China small co Proview but still Apple wriggle to hold by counter suing again in Brazil and Mexico. Though it could end up paying more than a $billion. Always we recommend our clients to register globally who knows when the client company can market the product in other country or in their country by others. To safe guard the genuine interest it is better to register globally by paying small price than regret later.


We register trademarks and fight your case around Globe.

To protect your invention, you may need a patent, trademark, copyright, marketing plan, trade secrets, or some combination of these. Before you begin preparing a patent application, find out if you really need a patent or some other form of Intellectual Property protection.


Many countries other than US designers and product developers miss a chance to register their product patents in US for Global recognition. We guide you in all steps from product development and preparing document to file as per required format prescribed.

Utility patents may be granted to anyone who invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or compositions of matters, or any new useful improvement thereof.

Easy as book flight tickets online

All the services are  easy once you paid the retainer fees you have to submit all the required details rest we take care. Just have faith on us to serve you better. The clients should provide all required info to act as expected in timely manner. Many occasion the client take their own time to furnish details very late which will cause tremendous hardship to the process and waste our precious time of our associates.


We assure you 100% confidential and secrecy. All our associates never divulge any info to even our colleague's reg clients data. It is their vow before they accept the job here. All the data in our PC are highly encrypted and none of the external copying devices were disabled. Only the data pertaining to the respective clients can be transferred or upload not other clients data can't be uploaded even if our associate wish to.

Caution - no shortcut to success

At times we get inferior products to sell at other countries by manufacturers but politely and firmly refuse them. We never let our associates to incur any loss due to our negligence or sellers greediness. We have developed trust among buyers by providing best products and best prices than local. There is no short cut to success. Better products Less Sales effort and NO headaches.

How to start?

Just send a mail in contact us page with as much as info to understand you better. We may ask few questions if the data provided is not sufficient to ascertain  better. Once we agreed, you have to pay within 72 hours to pay the fees. If we do not get payment within stipulated time we may stop communicating further whatsoever reason. Often we found endless mails from developing countries so we curtailed our mail communication beyond two free mails.

Beyond two mails we stop communicating further whatsoever reason so better be serious before start. Since our associates are highly paid and we have many clients to handle within stipulated time.


If we couldn't allot Associates who converse same language as you, we may use translation services since he could be assigned with other assignments so we don't want him to over burden.

Though preferred language is English but we still render our consultancy to all languages and all country under the sun.

We Promote or Procure only the BEST, REST kindly excuse.